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I am wearing hijab and still get harassed, so what is the point of covering up?

I am wearing hijab and still get harassed, so what is the point of covering up?


The issue of wearing hijab is an act of worship obligatory upon adult Muslim women to express their modesty, humbleness before Allah while keeping their chastity intact before people. The proper hijab for adult Muslim women has to show only her face and hands while covering the rest of her body. There are no conditions for the color or the design of the attire as long as it is not transparent, tight, or revealing parts of her body.

The empowerment of hijab to women comes from the fact that it unleashes women from the shackles of being looked at as purely sexual objects whose bodies are shamelessly used for posing on the front cover of magazines, plastering their photos on different products, and exploited as a marketing tool to guarantee higher circulation, increasing marginal profit and generating greater sales results. Hijab puts women at their rightful place as full human beings with intellectual abilities and great potentials for growth in all fields of knowledge.

Hijab gives the woman the right to cover up her body to prevent public display of her sexuality and sensible people regardless of their religious or non-religious affiliation respect such personal choice. As for mentally disturbed and ill- hearted men who harbor sexual lusts and whose sick minds flourish in licentious thoughts; they tend to see every woman whether covered up or not as a sexual object. At this point the issue has nothing to do with hijab anymore but it is related to the ill hearts, sick mentalities and ill manners of these kinds of men who should be subjected to intense program of rehabilitation to regain back to their lost humanity.

The harasser is not provoked only by a woman in revealing clothes; he is rather provoked by any woman per se as his sick mentality pictures every woman as pure sexual object. You can’t blame yourself for his sick attitude as you are free from any guilt. Your hijab is a divine act of worship and you are heavily rewarded for keeping your dignity intact. Hijab is a well-respected choice which is met with appreciation by sensible people across the world; as for lonely wolves out there, their sick attitudes should be met with strict laws to protect women from their despicable and derogatory acts.

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