Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 14 Safar 1440

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Thanking Allah by giving away meat instead of slaughtering, is it permissible?

I had a fire a few days ago in my house and my family and I are all fine. We've been advised to slaughter a sheep as a way of thanking Allah for our well-being. Can we buy meat and give it out instead of slaughtering? What quantity? And is the whole amount supposed to be distributed or do we keep a percentage for ourselves like in Eid? Thanks in advance.


Thanking Allah is deemed permissible whether through slaughtering cattle or through giving away meat. There is no prescribed amount for meat that should be allocated for distribution. It is an act of charity and done for the sake of thanking Allah the Almighty and thus does not have a certain percentage that should be dedicated solely to the poor. You may keep part of the meat to your family and friends as it is not obligatory to give it all away.

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