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Compelling women to wear hijab

Is it permissible for a woman’s guardian or husband to force her to leave her work and prevent her from living her life in a normal manner outside the house if she does not wear hijab? Is he entitled to compel her to wear the hijab?


A woman’s guardian or husband must always advise her to obey Allah the Almighty. Hijab is an individual obligation upon every Muslim adult woman. She must wear garments—whatever they be—which cover her entire body except her face and hands. There is no connection between wearing hijab and a man spending on the woman if she is financially dependant on him; disobedience is not a reason to prevent him from spending on his dependents. Likewise, the fact that she does not wear hijab does not give him grounds for preventing her from living her life in a normal manner except if she goes astray. In such a case, he must use his authority as much as possible to prevent her from going astray.
Allah the Almighty know best.

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