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Dyeing hair black

Dyeing hair black, is it permissible in Islam?


There is no objection to dyeing one's hair with any color so long as it is void of anything prohibited such as imitating the immoral or if it leads men to effeminacy.

Dyeing hair black for both genders
As for dyeing hair black, it is permissible for women as a means of adornment for their husbands.
A group of the Prophet’s Companions and Tabi’een (generation that succeeded the Companions) also allowed men to dye their hair black if it does not include fraud and deception. Those included Sa’ad ibn Abu Waqqas, ‘Uqbah ibn ‘Amer, al-Hassan, al-Hussein, Jarir and others. In his book” Al-Khidab” or “Dyeing”, Ibn Abu ‘Asim chose to follow this opinion and explained the hadith narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas in which he said, “By the end of time there will be people who dye their hair black, they will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise”. He commented that the hadith does not include evidence on the undesirability of dyeing hair black; rather, it describes the traits of certain people. However, it is more appropriate for men to refrain from this to avoid the scholarly disagreement over dyeing the hair black.

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