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Changing the price of merchandise after its sale

My sister sold a plot of land to my other sister with a preliminary contract. After a brief period, a main road supplied with electricity was extended next to this plot of land. This caused the value of the land to rise. Is my sister entitled to demand the difference in price?


Allah Almighty says: You who believe, fulfil your obligations [5:1], and the Prophet said:

“Muslims must fulfill the terms of their agreement,” and “Transactors retain the right to rescind the sale as long as they have not parted company,” and contracts are the binding law of the transacting parties.”

Based on this, the price quoted in the contract mentioned in the question is binding for both parties. The seller is not entitled to ask the buyer for a different price after completing the contract so long as the buyer does not absolve the seller from the sale.
Allah the Almighty knows best.

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