Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 9 Safar 1440

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Tubal ligation due to poor health

I am a mother of five, and due to my poor health, physicians advised me against having more children because a future pregnancy would be unsafe for me. They advised me to undergo tubal ligation. Is this permissible?
Prohibition of tubal ligation without a necessity


Permanent sterilization without a necessity is prohibited since it terminates
procreation which undermines the need to protect human lineage i.e. one of the five necessities (life, intellect, religion, property and honor) which Islam has made among its objectives.

Tubal ligation is permissible when there is a necessity

If a future pregnancy would threaten the mother's life and trustworthy physicians determine that permanent sterilization is the only solution, it is permissible and the
inquirer will not be blameworthy.

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