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What is the ruling if one stands on Arafa during Hajj on the wrong day?

What is the ruling if one stands on Arafa during Hajj and then it becomes apparent that the day is not actually Arafa?


Al-Bayhaqi has narrated that the Prophet said, “The day of Arafa is the day that people know one another.” He also said, “Fasting is on the day everyone fasts, breakfast is on the day everyone breaks fast, and the day of sacrifice is the day everyone one sacrifices.” If the pilgrims stand on Arafa on the 10th day of Dhul Hijja and then realize their mistake, they should not go back and then return out of extreme hardship. This is what has been mentioned by many of the jurists of the Hanafi, Maliki, and Hanbali Schools, and these opinions are the equivalent to the sound opinion in the Shafi’i School.

However, if they stand on Arafa on the 8th day of Arafa and then are aware of their mistake and they are able to correct this before it is too late, they do not need to repeat their actions according to Ahmad, however the rest of the jurists see that they are to repeat. However, if they are aware of their mistake and they cannot correct it, then the opinion of the Hanafi School is that it is ok and it counts, but the Shafi and Maliki jurists are of the opinion that it does not count.

Al-Kasani from the Hanafi school has said, “and if the people are confused about the sighting of the moon for Dhul Hijja and they stood on Arafa after completing 30 days of Dhul Qida, then someone told them that the moon was sighted on such-and-such date and the day they stand on Arafa is really the day of sacrifice, then their standing of Arafa is correct and the Hajj is complete based on istihsan.”

Imam al-Nawawi has said regarding this issue, “If they were mistaken in determining the day of Arafa by two days after or before Arafa, like standing on Arafa on the 7th or the 11th of Dhul Hijjah, this does not count without dispute due to their negligence. If they differ by one day and they stood on the 10th day of Dhul Hijja, it counts and their Hajj is complete with no repeat needed.”

Imam Ibn Qudama al-Maqdasi has written, “If the people make a mistake in the number of days and they stood on Arafa incorrectly, it counts based on what has been narrated by al-Daraqutni on the authority of Abd al-Aziz ibn Abdallah ibn Khalid ibn Asid, “The day of Arafa is the day people know one another if some people are correct and others are incorrect regarding the day of standing, this does not count as they are not exempt in this matter.”

Based on this discussion we give weight to the opinion of Imam Ahmed as it has ease for the Muslims as there is no distinction between errors made before or after the day of Arafa. The best is if one made a mistake by going to Arafa early and they are able to correct the mistake, then they would better correct. This would lift the dispute amongst the jurists and God is most high all knowledgeable.

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