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Is celebrating Valentine ’s Day permissible in Islam?

As I had read on internet and watched on TV that many of traditional people are totally against Valentine’s day and some people (who do not have traditional mind) they say that nowadays Valentine’s day is not being celebrated due to follower of Christianity. It is being celebrated because all world is celebrating it, if any Muslim celebrate it in limitation of Islam than its not bad or prohibited in Islam, like someone is giving rose to his wife to express his feeling for her or to other legal relations. On the other hand they also admit that we should not love only for one day, we should love them all year.
I want to ask you that above opinion (Point of view of non traditional people) is correct or wrong , according to Islam.


Such kinds of celebrations have become social occasions. Therefore, there is no objection to participating in them provided a Muslim does not do anything that contradicts the Islamic creed.
It is lawful [halal] in Islamic law to specify a day for renewing lawful love between spouses. This is because there is nothing in Islamic law to prohibit this. However, this occasion must not be called "Eid" (feast), but " Love's Day" (Youm al-Hob).

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