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My nose is abnormally big, can I have a plastic surgery to improve its look?

What is the Islamic stance on plastic surgery of the nose if it is abnormally big causing breathing problems as well as mental distress and isolation from the society?


Among the established principles of Islamic law [Shari'ah] is that harm is to be removed [ad-dararu-yuzal]. This is based on the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) who said: "Do not harm and do not reciprocate harm" [Recorded by Ahmed, Ibn Majah, Al-Hakim and others. Imam An-Nawawi declared it a fair hadith [hasan].

The principle is that it is legally prohibited to conduct plastic surgery with the purpose of changing one's appearance without a medical necessity. However, it becomes lawful [halal] if it is medically decided by the physician that the procedure will achieve either physical or psychological benefit especially one which affects the stability of life in general and of marital life in particular; or to remove either a congenital defect or one that occurs later in life. However, this must be done according to what is medically determined in order not to harm you.

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