Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 9 Safar 1440
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I am a young divorcee still in college and pregnant, can I have an abortion?

Salam alykum

I was married at 18 yrs and got pregnant. My husband divorced me shortly after our marriage. He is not going to take responsibility for the kid and I am still a student and supporting myself. Also I had an operation and need painkillers that are not good for pregnancy. Can I have an abortion? I am now in my 10th week. Please advise ASAP. JAK


It is permissible for you to conduct an abortion on the following conditions:

- If it is [medically] decided that the continuation of pregnancy poses risks to your health.
- If the fetus has been deformed due to the medication you have consumed.
- If the fetus has not reached 120 days.

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