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I have a disabled daughter. Can I write a will which grants her all my money after my death?

Al salam Alaykum,

I have one disabled daughter and I own an apartment in her name. She is my only child and she will not be able to work or provide for herself. She has uncles and aunts who are doing well financially. I want to make a will that will give her all what I own, including money and anything else I have just to make sure she will be able to have a good life after my death, and I already named a guardian to take care of her, Is that permissible? And where do I do that will? Can I do that in Al Azhar in my next visit to Cairo?

Thank You, Jazakom Allah Kheir


There is a difference between a bequest and disposing of one's own property during one's lifetime:

- A bequest is executed after a person's death within the limits of one third of the estate. The heirs must give their consent to a bequest made in excess of one third of the estate.

- It is permissible for a person to dispose of any portion of his wealth during his lifetime.

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