Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 8 Safar 1440

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Can I slaughter an animal with a dual intention of fulfilling a vow and making a sacrifice for Eid?

Dear Sir, I have vowed to slaughter a sheep when my father walks out of the hospital but then I learnt that The Food Bank is doing an offer for Eid to slaughter sheep for 1,200 EGP instead of 1,500 EGP. Can I buy them at this saving rate and have them slaughtered in Eid or I should conduct the vow in another different day and time?


It is permissible to purchase an animal and slaughter it with the sole intention of fulfilling a vow. Otherwise, if the offer was only for a Saqq for udhiyya (sacrificial animal), it would be impermissible, except if you stipulate that they slaughter the animal on your behalf with intention of fulfilling a vow and not as an udhiyya. This is because it is impermissible to make the intention for offering an udhiyya and use the animal to fulfill a vow.