Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 8 Safar 1440
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In England no one folds their trousers to uncover their ankles. Is this allowed?

Dear Respected Scholar, I would like to understand the following Hadiths and how it applies to us in our prayer and in normal life as in England no one folds their trousers to uncover their ankles or wear the trousers short.


The matter of attire is related to traditions and customs. In Islamic law, there is no objection to wearing any type of garments so long as it covers the parts of the body the must be concealed ('awra), does not incite temptation (fitna) or arouse sexual desires. Imam al-Nawawi and other scholars maintained that the cause behind prohibiting letting one's garments hang below the ankle is connected to pride and arrogance. Therefore, in the absence of pride or arrogance, there is no objection to letting garments fall below the ankles if it is the custom of certain a people.

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