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Is it permissible for me to wear silk ties?

Is it permissible for me to wear silk ties?


In the Shari'ah, it is permissible for men to either manufacture or wear silk neckties.

This is based on the opinion of the majority of scholars who maintained that the prohibition concerns wearing pure natural silk items or garments made from fabrics that contain a higher percentage of silk.

Nevertheless, it is permissible to wear garments accessorized with silk either due to a need or for adornment. This is because it is not considered wearing silk. This permissibility includes wearing silk neckties because they are not regarded as garments but as accessories used for adornment. As such, they are included under the silk that is deemed permissible for men.

It is permissible in the Shari'ah to wear silk neckties since they are accessories and not essential garments.

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