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Will the children of the non-believers be saved in the Day of Judgment?

Will the children of the non-believers be saved in the Day of Judgment?


The events of the Hereafter are divine secrets known only to God, and He has made them known to us through the Prophets and messengers. If they die before adolescence, the time at which they begin to take [legal] responsibility for their actions, children will be treated [on Judgment Day] as having adopted the most noble religion of their parents. As such, the destiny of Muslim children is Heaven, a fact that is borne out by several hadiths. One of these is reported by Muslim; here, children will intercede for their parents on the Day of Judgment, and God will send both parents and child to Heaven. Such children are free to wander in Heaven, and are never prevented from entering any of its houses. They are known as “da’amis”. This is how the Qur’anic interpreters explained the following verses:
"We never punish until we send a messenger”. (Q. 17:15)
Reasoning that, if a sane, adult is not punished if he did not receive the Muslim message, then it is logical that minors [who obviously also do not receive this message in a way that they can understand] should also not be punished.

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