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The kalimah (word) in the Quran: What does it mean?

The kalimah (word) in the Quran: What does it mean?


The Kalimah is an Arabic word, which has found its way to other languages of Muslim people. It refers to the declaration, which brings a person into the fold of Islam. Anyone, who wishes to be a Muslim must declare that he believes in the Oneness of Allah and in the Prophet, peace be upon him, as Allah's messenger.
The two parts of the declaration are mentioned in the Qur'an in separate verses. In Verse 19 of Surah 47, entitled Muhammad, Allah says:
"Learn that there is no deity save Allah and seek forgiveness of your sin, etc." [Muhammad — 47: 19]
This part of the declaration is mentioned in numerous other verses. The last verse [29] of Surah 48 [Al-Fath] begins with the second half of the declaration; "Muhammad is Allah's messenger."

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