Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 9 Safar 1440

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Traveling without my parent's permission

Traveling without my parent's permission


Being dutiful to parents means treating them with kindness and respect. All blessings lie in obeying parents in a manner that does not negatively affect children's lives, whether they are males or females.
Parents possess life experiences, always seek what is best for their children and strive to give them a good and secure life. God the Almighty instills the innate feelings of parenthood into their hearts and commands their children to consult them. Taking their advice is a kind of protection and consequently, it is obligatory for children to follow their parents' advice.
Islamic law waived the obligation to obey parents in this respect only when they refuse for the sake of objection or to impose harm to the child, which is generally impossible to happen. Based on this, children should seriously heed their parents' advice and discussions.
May God the Almighty amend your affairs and grant you success in that which pleases Him, ameen.

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