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My Muslim husband expresses his doubts in Islam. Should I stay with him?

My Muslim husband expresses his doubts in Islam. Should I stay with him?


My objection to this question is the description of such a person as a Muslim. Islam is not a matter that comes with birth or with coming from a Muslim family or country. We cannot describe a person as Muslim simply on the basis that he is born to Muslim parents or that he belongs to a Muslim tribe or community. Being a Muslim is a matter of a conscious and free choice. A person is a Muslim because he chooses to believe in Islam and accepts its tenets and beliefs. If someone asks what brings a person into the fold of Islam, the answer is the declaration that God is the only deity in the universe. A Muslim makes a conscious choice to believe in his religion. His faith is deficient if he accepts Islam only because he is brought up as a Muslim.

This person expressed doubts about basic Islamic beliefs. It is clear that he does not accept them. How can he be considered a Muslim? The proper thing to do is to ask him to come clean and own to his beliefs. If he says that he does not believe in God and His Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), then he is not a Muslim and his wife cannot remain married to him for a single moment after his confession. She must then request the authorities to annul her marriage on grounds of difference of religion. She is free to marry another person after she completes her waiting period. If, during the waiting period, her husband declares his acceptance of Islam and makes a serious commitment to live as a Muslim, she may reunite with him. If not, their separation is complete.

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