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Using alcohol to reduce the effect of panic attacks instead of regular pills

Using alcohol to reduce the effect of panic attacks instead of regular pills


The use of some medications as PRN which stands for the Latin word (pro re nata) or “taken when needed” are prescribed by doctors to alleviate pain and induce sedation. These types of medications are manufactured to have a soothing effect and to abate excruciating pain. This means that its sedating effects are the purpose of its medical prescription.

As for alcohol, it is prohibited in Islam due to its intoxicating nature as it leads to a state of drunkenness. The state of drunkenness leads to a hazardous effect of absenting the mind and eliminating or reducing our awareness ability. Drunkenness also leads to slowing down brain activities as it highly affects the central nervous system. Religious rituals are bound to the soundness of the person’s intellectual ability. Therefore any impairment in thinking abilities through consuming alcoholic beverages or non-medical drugs is deemed prohibited in Islam.

The side effects of alcohol such as easing pain or relieving tension are the byproduct of drinking and this soothing effect comes with the cost of many hazardous health risks. Thus alcohol is not manufactured for curing purposes and not used for medical treatment.

Therefore, it is prohibited to replace sedative medication with alcohol under the premise of having the same soothing effect as the first is mainly manufactured for reducing pain and the other is mainly designed for absenting the mind and impair our moral sense of judgment. Thus using sedative medicine is not by all means equal to consuming alcohol. If this comparison was valid, the consumption of weeds and other drugs would be deemed permissible as well and this is not the case as medicine is used to cure the body with unintentional little or no side effects as for alcohol or drugs, they lead directly to hazardous effects on both the body and the mind and thus their consumption is emphaticallyprohibited.

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