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Why is eating pigs prohibited in Islam?

Why is eating pigs prohibited in Islam?


Islam is not the only religion to prohibit eating pork. Judaism forbids its followers from eating pig meat and today both orthodox and conservative Jews who follow a kosher diet both inside and outside the home adhere to this and other dietary injunctions. Even though the prohibition of pigs was lifted by Paul, this does not seem to be the desire of Jesus who said that he came to complete the message of the Torah and not to abrogate it. Eastern religions likewise proscribe pig meat as part of a general prohibition against meat. Pig meat has been viewed by many religions as unclean and unfit for a spiritual life.
Islam's prohibition is nothing more than following in line with other religious traditions that prohibited pig meat prior to it. The prohibition of pigs has been explicitly stated four times in the Quran. Other than being a religious injunction, there is much scientific evidence to demonstrate that pig meat is not healthy for human consumption. The verses prohibiting pig meat in the Quran also prohibit the consumption of blood and carrion and the meat of animals that have not been ritually slaughtered according to Islamic precepts. It has been scientifically established that dead meat and the blood of animals contain microbes and bacteria that are harmful and these same microbes and bacteria are found in pig meat. This is the reason why the three have been listed together. However, it is not the scientific proof that legitimizes the prohibition. The Islamic position is that these are divine prohibitions which are to be followed regardless of our understanding of them.
And God the Almighty knows best.

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