11 Rabi' al-Awwal 1440
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Why Muslims connect the testimony of the oneness of God with Prophet Muhammad?

Why Muslims are always connecting the testimony of oneness of God which is the testimony of faith with Muhammad being the “Messenger of God”?

Answer : English Mufti

The meaning of connecting “There is no god but God,” and “Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” is to make clear the accepted manner of worship. The phrase, “There is no god but God,” means that there is nothing in existence that deserves being worshipped and submitted to except for God. The question that logically follows after this belief has been internalized is, “How can I worship and turn to God?” The answer is: Worship God according to the shari’ah of our Master Muhammad.
There is no worship except of God, and there is no worship of God except according to the way of Our Master Muhammad. The two statements together form the preconditions for the accepted action in the sight of God. God does not accept an act unless it is sincere (meaning that it is done for His sake alone) and correct (meaning that it is in accordance with the shari’ah of His Prophet). God Most High says, Say, (O Muhammad, to mankind): If you love God, follow me; God will love you and forgive you your sins. God is Forgiving, Merciful [3:31]; and He said, Whoever obeys the messenger hath obeyed God, and whoever turns away: We have not sent you as a warder over them [4:80].
The Prophet taught us that there is no acceptance for acts of worship unless they are done in the manner of his acts of worship. For this reason he said, “Pray as you have seen me pray.” And he said, “Take your acts of worship from me.”
This is a short explanation of the connection between the phrase of unity, “There is no god but God,” and the phrase, “Muhammad is the Messenger of God.” And God is Most High and Knows best.


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