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Finding a sperm after waking up without having a wet dream
Yes, your fasting is valid and you should only take a purifactory bath (ghusl) for prayer.
Missing the fasting of four Ramadans due to my pregnancies and nursing, what should I do?
You should make up the missed fast days according to your ability when the excuses which prevent you from fasting cease. Allah never burdens a soul with more than it can bear. If you die before making up all the fast day ...
My wife could not fast in Ramadan due to work and child care issues
Your wife should make up the days on which she missed fasting later when circumstances are suitable. She can do that on weekends or in winter when days are short and weather is cold.
I did not fast the past two Ramadans, what should I do?
You should only make up the missed fast.
Missing fasting days in Ramadan due to baby delivering and breastfeeding, how to make them up?
Strive to make up the missed fast days according to your ability before the coming Ramadan, and then continue to make up the rest of the missed fast days after Ramadan.
Climbing a mountain in Ramadan and fear of immune system crash
You must make up the fast you missed on that day only.
Travelling with my family in Ramadan
It is permissible for you to refrain from fasting during the 3 days you will be on your way and you must make up the missed fast days later. It is more appropriate to fast if you are able.
Purchasing an apartment through a bank
In our present times, new transactions such as purchasing an apartment through a bank, have appeared. The buyer makes a down payment and the bank pays the rest of the price on his behalf ...
The translated fatawa are not a literal translation of the original Arabic texts. Rather, they might be restricted to the rendering of the overall content and meaning of the most important and unequivocal citations from the traditional sources. Please proceed to the Arabic texts for the complete version of the fatawa.
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