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The ruling for sending blessings upon the Prophet after the adhan
A Sunnah Invoking blessings upon the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) after the adhan (the call to prayer) is firmly established in the corpus of authentic hadiths. 'Abdullah Ibn 'Amr Ibn al-'As (may God be ple ...
How to perform the purifactory bath for major ritual impurity according to the Sunnah
Aisha (may God be pleased with her) narrated, “Whenever the Prophet of God performed the bath for janaba, he would clean his hands and perform ablution like he would for prayer. He then would take a bath and rub hi ...
Believing in God and Prophet Muhammad without practicing faith
The ‘mu`min’ (believer) or a person who consciously believes in the oneness of God, associating no partners with Him in any sense or form, and also believes that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was ...
Writing an abbreviated form of salawat on the Prophet
It is an Islamic obligation to invoke salawat on the Prophet Invoking salawat (i.e. peace and blessings) on the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is a religious obligation. In his book Al-Istizkar, the hadith ...
Making hajj from inside Saudi Arabia
Both are permissible in the Shari’ah. And God Almighty knows best.
A wife’s work outside the home
Both are permissible in the Shari’ah. And God Almighty knows best.
Was the Prophet's Ascension and the Night Journey in body and soul?
God Almighty favored the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) with the miracle of the Ascension and Night Journey (al-Israa` wa al-Mi'raj) to honor him and reveal to him some of His great signs. God Almighty says: ...
Purchasing an apartment through a bank
In our present times, new transactions such as purchasing an apartment through a bank, have appeared. The buyer makes a down payment and the bank pays the rest of the price on his behalf ...
The translated fatawa are not a literal translation of the original Arabic texts. Rather, they might be restricted to the rendering of the overall content and meaning of the most important and unequivocal citations from the traditional sources. Please proceed to the Arabic texts for the complete version of the fatawa.
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