Commissioning another to slaughter ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Commissioning another to slaughter the udhiya and distribute its meat on one's behalf


An organization collects cash donations to buy the udhiya[1]on behalf of the donors; it offers to buy sheep on an individual basis or cows and camels on both an individual and cost-share basis. The association is responsible for buying, slaughtering and transporting the animals as well as distributing their meat on behalf of the commissioner. Is it obligatory to charge the commissioner with the expenses of slaughtering, transportation and the like? 

[1] Sacrificial animal.


The relationship between your organization (the agent) and others like it and between the donors making the sacrifice (the commissioners) is one of authorization. The agent is not responsible for paying any expenses related to the authorized object except on a voluntary basis.

The ruling

The commissioner bears all the expenses of slaughtering and transporting the udhiya, distributing its meat and so forth.
Allah Almighty knows best.

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