Marriage Counseling Center

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta’s Marriage Counseling Center was established in light of the high divorce rates around the world. The center specializes in resolving issues between family members and couples. It uses current educational methods of psychological and forensic counseling to reduce marital problems, promote family stability, educate unmarried young people, and help them make proper choices to form a healthy marriage.

The center is divided into four departments. First is the Research Department, which conducts research on related topics and issues to better serve the community.

Second is the counseling department, which provides experienced counselors to meet with couples who decide to seek help together or individually (in-person and online).

Third is the Training Department, which offers workshops for future and current couples who wish to learn about the different aspects of marriage and how to navigate them. The Training Center also trains future muftis and professionals who choose to work in marriage counseling. Fourth is the Policy Recommendations Department, which assists in planning and developing new policy recommendations related to marriage and divorce. The department also provides consultation for public and private institutions, nationally and internationally.

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Phone Number: (+2) 02-25910678
WhatsApp Number: (+2) 01144802021
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