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Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Making hajj on behalf of another using gifted funds


My son who works in Saudi Arabia offered to cover my hajj expenses. Is it permissible for me to use this money to make hajj on behalf of my mother?


It is permissible to make hajj from the money of:
- the pilgrim himself;
-the person on whose behalf the hajj will be performed;
-the money of another.
Allah's reward to the person making hajj on behalf of another is proportionate to the hardships he encounters and the money he spends. Muslim and Bukhari related that the Prophet [pbuh] told 'A`isha that she will receive a reward for her 'umrah in proportion to her hardship or the money she spends.

The Ruling

There is no objection to making hajj on behalf of your mother from the money gifted by your son for your own hajj, provided that you have previously performed your own hajj. Allah will reward you, your mother and your son because Allah's bounty has no limits.

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