The ruling for bleeding while in ih...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The ruling for bleeding while in ihram


Is it permissible to enter the state of ihram and perform 'umrah with a bleeding wound on the bottom of a person's feet that does not heal due to diabetes and hemophilia?


According to the opinions of Imams Malik, Shafi'i, the seven scholars of Medina and others, bleeding from any part of the body other than the private parts or anus does not nullify ablution. They based their opinion on the report of Jabir Ibn 'Abdullah (may God be pleased with them both) who said, "Two of the Prophet's Companions were guarding the Muslims during the battle of Dhat al-Riqa'. One of them got up to pray and was struck by a hostile arrow. He prayed while he was bleeding from the wound. The Prophet learned of this and did not object to it" [Recorded by Ahmed and Abu Dawud. Ibn Khuzaima, Ibn Habban and al-Hakim declared it authentic].

The ruling

A person who is bleeding is to make ablution and dress his wound. There is no harm in either entering ihram or making tawaf and he is not to repeat his ablution except if it is nullified.

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