My friend says that wine is not pro...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My friend says that wine is not prohibited in Islam. Is this true?


One of my friends says that wine is not haram (Prohibited) in Islam because Quran does not say it is haram. Please provide us your opinion that wine is totally prohibited in Islam or it is not likely in Islam. If you say it is haram then how do you support your opinion?


Dear honorable brother,
According to the consensus of Muslims, wine [alcohol] is unquestionably unlawful [haram].
The command of Allah to avoid it is stronger than prohibition, so He Almighty says, "Avoid it" to exaggerate the command to refrain from such vices. This is as if Allah says, "I not only command you to refrain from such vices; rather, you must distance yourself from approaching such abominable things". The command here includes both refraining from the wine itself as well as anything that leads to consuming it, such as accompanying those who drink it in their sittings.

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