Is there what is called an Islamic ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Is there what is called an Islamic wedding? How is it held?


Is there what is called an Islamic wedding? How is it held?


Many people frequently use the term “Islamic wedding” which has negative connotations. It means that any wedding celebration which is not consistent with this term is un-Islamic and this is an erroneous belief.
Celebrations, weddings, and commemorations are all governed by social norms. There is no particular protocol that people must follow in their celebrations. However, certain celebrations transgress what Islam considers lawful. Examples include gender mixing, non-observance of proper hijab, dancing between males and females, alcohol, drugs, noise and commotion, and vulgar singing. These ceremonies are legally prohibited and their doers are sinful. Weddings that follow legal rulings and Islamic etiquette are void of what has been mentioned above.

Any celebration, whether it is a wedding, ‘aqiqa [the sacrifice of an animal for a newborn] or any other occasion, is consistent with Islamic law if it is free of people wearing clothes which do not cover the ‘awra [parts of the body that must remain concealed before non-mahrams], loud music that arouse desire, singing obscene lyrics, and women dancing before non-mahram males in prohibited gender mixing. It would not do well to describe such celebrations as Islamic. Muslims must free their lives and celebrations of anything that is incompatible with Islamic law.
Allah the Almighty knows best.

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