Dar al- Iftaa issued a new report o...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al- Iftaa issued a new report on QSIS’s infringements against woman under the cover of Islam

Dar al- Iftaa issued a new report on QSIS’s infringements against woman under the cover of Islam

Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti, announced that the infedilizing fatwa observatory at Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa has issued a new report tracking the crimes committed by the terrorist organization Qa’ida separatists (QS) which is known in media as ISIS. The report discusses the crimes committed against women in the name of Islam and its rulings through refuting the evidences derived for justifying their crimes which contradict the basic teachings of Islam.

Negm, elaborated by saying that the report emphasized that a group of those attaching themselves falsely to Islam and describe themselves as establishing Islam on Earth humiliate women and use them in the worst manner for achieving illegitimate aims irrelevant to Islam. They deceive women and girls for joining these organizations with their extremist ideologies and deviant beliefs to spread their influence everywhere. Furthermore, they claim establishing Islamic state and appointing themselves as guardians for Muslims all over the globe through ways and manners contradictory both to Islamic law and Islamic principles which provides women with justice and dignity.

The report further stressed that Islam has forbade killing women in wars. Abdullah Ibn Umar [may Allah be pleased with them both] said: “A woman was found killed in one of the battles and therefore the honorable Messenger [peace and blessings be upon him] forbade killing women and children.”

Islam urges treating all captives kindly without humiliation or violation and without considering their race, religion or for being an enemy. It further considered such good treatment among the characteristics of the pious, God the Almighty says: “And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive.” [76: 8]

Islam has established the rules and the basics to protect the captives, preserve their dignity and humanity and at the same time eliminates injustice and spreads mercy among people. And further saves all humans from receiving such intolerable treatment in order to live within proper human manners in which there is no superiority of the Arab over non-Arab except in piety.

The report added that the terrorist organization has contradicted all the Islamic ruling and principles concerning treating women during battles. They have killed and enslaved women, and revived a disliked period of human history over which there was an international consensus on its prohibition. These terrorist organizations have revived slavery and preached all international agreements and further inciting unrest and corruption on earth through a matter that was prohibited and forbade by Islamic law.

The report says that women are considered an important component for terrorist organizations in recruiting more terrorists. The spread of the phenomenon “enslavement of women” establishes the fact that the organization uses women to achieve its goals through erroneous interpretations of the concept of Jihad in Islam. This is in order to confuse the Muslim youth who suffers from lack of religious knowledge where women are turned into slaves and sold to whoever pays more.

The report highlighted that there is a significant change in the image of violence which is committed against women inside these terrorist organizations as it turned to be violence committed by women. From the first moment of its existence, this terrorist organization resorted to recruiting women and formed several battalions with various names in which women are used for fighting other women or as electronic militias aim to recruit more women from all over the globe.

Al-Khansaa battalion is considered the best example for the role undertaken by women inside this infedilizing terrorist organization. A woman is not allowed to go out without a mahram or to uncover her face and hands. Moreover, QSIS’s women are responsible for persecution and torturing other women disobeying the instructions of the organization.

The report stressed that forming al-Khansaa battalion-in addition to its role in religious surveillance-proves the change befalling terrorist organizations. QSIS has developed new procedures which differ from those adopted by Qa’ida-the mother organization. ISIS has allowed women to undertake more executive roles which is considered a matter of attraction for women who may regard this as form of liberation inside such extremist gated communities.

Concerning the role undertaken by women in media inside the organization, the report says that the organization was not only satisfied with recruiting the youth and encouraging the minors among them to execute suicide attacks. It also formed electronic female militias through which the organization waged fierce war in social media as they called themselves Munasirat “female supporters”.

Furthermore, QSIS has established a new organization for women called “al-Zawraa organization” to prepare women for wars and carrying weapons. And train them for providing medical assistance in the time of war, working in the media and further attracting the biggest possible number of female recruits.

These media materials provide instructions for women about the manner of supporting jihad and their role in supporting the mujahidin [male fighters]. However, this is considered the first time for a terrorist organization based on violence and killing to afford information related to women.

On the other hand, the report listed the most important reasons for women to join this organization in particular and shun other infedilizing organizations. These reasons include the endeavors to expiate the sins of their previous lives through jihad according to their claims. This matter encouraged many women to depart their lives and seek the unknown in addition to their love of adventure and participate in combating the disbelievers. All these matters may attract young females to join what they expect to be exciting without considering the results and consequences.

The report added that there is another element of attraction for women to join these terrorist organizations which is the support and admiration clearly evident in social media expressed by European women. This matter springs from the desire to challenge the stereotyped image of the oppressed western Muslim woman and replace it with a woman who is capable of carrying weapons and killing with their bare hands. This also involves a new culture known as “the authority of Jihadi girl” which usually comes on the expense of other women. There is another reason, which is the increasing Islamophobia and the rise of right wing parties in Europe which encourage western women to join terrorist organizations. This is in addition to childhood of these girls which plays an important role; because, most of them believe that they do not belong to the communities in which they live and feel eliminated even from some Muslims.

The report further stressed that women of QSIS are nothing but tools used by the leaders in the organization to achieve their goals with their fear to be persecuted by this infedilizing organization.

The report emphasized that all these barbaric infringements committed by the terrorist organization against women are irrelevant to Islam. They are nothing but using women in the name of the religion because such practices were found before Islam and after the advent of Islam they were all prohibited. Islam is a religion which maintains freedoms and respects the human dignity; however, these terrorist organizations adopt the methodology of eliminating others holding different religions, opinions and races. This matter proves the fact that these terrorist organizations are irrelevant to Islam and its teachings which promote women, preserve her dignity and empower her vital role in society.

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