Are bondmaids permissible in Islam ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Are bondmaids permissible in Islam today?

Are bondmaids permissible in Islam today?

I have watched videos of Sheikh Ali Gomaa talking about the life of our Prophet Muhammad and
you said that our prophet had three jawari " Maria , Rayhana , Jameela " are jawaris halal without marriage ?

Thank you

The term "milk al-yameen" refers to women who were captured and enslaved as was the custom [before Islam]. After its advent, Islam dried up the sources of slavery, made freeing slaves as expiations and prohibited enslaving free people in times other than war. Islam commanded slave owners to treat their slaves kindly and to feed them from one's own food and give them good clothes. The entire countries of the world, including Muslims countries, agreed on abolishing slavery and it is no longer permissible for a person to enslave another.

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