Can my Catholic wife name our baby ...

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Can my Catholic wife name our baby boy after her father?

Can my Catholic wife name our baby boy after her father?


I am a Muslim man and I am married to a Catholic woman. We love each other but the issue is that she wants to name our baby boy a very complicated name which is “Ahmad Octavio” as Octavio is her father’s name and she loves him so much. Would that be ok?

There is no legal impediment for your wife to name her son the name she wants out of mercy for her and kindness from your side as she is the mother of the baby. Islam did not condition for its adherents to have certain set of names but all it asks for is having a good name with a beautiful meaning. This means that names which indicate bad meanings are disapproved such as to name the baby after a certain god idol that is worshipped instead of God or to have a name which the heart finds it repulsive in nature or a name which causes embarrassment and cynicism to the person in front of others.
Furthermore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraged us to have beautiful names for our children. Abu Dawud reported through Abu al Dardaa that the Prophet said “you will be called in the Day of Judgment with your names and your father’s names so choose good names for yourselves”.


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