Paying a debt and the expenses of a condolence meeting from the estate of the deceased

- Before he passed away, my husband borrowed 5000 LE as a down payment for a family apartment since the building we were residing in was dilapidated. He wrote the new apartment in one of his daughters' name because he was not eligible to reserve an apartment. What is the ruling of Islamic law on this debt?

- After my husband's death, his brother held a condolence meeting at the village guesthouse and not at my husband's residence. I did not attend and neither did my daughters since it was only for men. What is the ruling of religion concerning the expenses of this meeting?

- I hired a lawyer to issue a notice of inheritance. All the heirs benefitted from it and obtained a copy of it. What is the ruling of religion on the expenses of issuing this notice?


The obligation to settle the debt of a deceased

My brother passed away. When we were performing the Funeral prayer over him, I pledged to settle his outstanding debts. Afterwards, his widow collected her late husband's work benefits in addition to his personal car. Is his debt to be paid from his money or am I obligated to settle it? My brother's brother-in-law asked me to pay his sister's deferred dowry which he considers a debt upon my late brother. Should I pay it from my money or should I pay it from my brother's money?


Deducting a debt from the estate of a deceased

A man passed away and was survived by his wife, mother and son. He was indebted with farmable lands. Is the debt to be deducted before or after the estate's division and is it to be settled from the share of a particular heir?


Disposing of a debt when the creditor's whereabouts are unknown

My father passed away five years ago and before his death he informed me that he was indebted to a person I do not know. I looked for this person (my father only mentioned his first name) but could not find him during the [past] five years.
Is it permissible to spend the money to meet my needs? If this person shows up, I will give him the money.