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The manner of performing the purifactory bath for major ritual impurity according to the Sunnah


How did Prophet Muhammad perform the purifactory bath for janaba (major ritual impurity)?


‘Aishah (may God be pleased with her) narrated, “Whenever the Prophet of God performed the bath for janaba, he would clean his hands and perform ablution like he would for prayer. He then would take a bath and rub his hair until he wet his entire scalp, then he would pour water over his body three times and wash the rest of his body.”

‘Aishah also narrated, “Whenever the Prophet performed the bath for janaba (after sexual relations or a wet dream) he would ask for the hilab or some other scent. He would take it in his hand, rub it first over the right side of his head and then over the left, and then rub the middle of his head with both hands.”

The complete purifactory bath includes the following:

1- Making the intention.

2- Uttering ‘Bismillah’ and washing the hands thrice as well as the private parts.

3- Making ablution (like that for prayer).

4- Pouring water on the head thrice until the entire scalp is wet.

5- Washing the right side of the body, then the left side while ensuring that water reaches the whole body by rubbing oneself.

6- It is desirable to use soap or the like while bathing in order to achieve cleanliness.

And God Almighty knows best.

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