Trading in cosmetics

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Trading in cosmetics


t no. 770 for the year 2006 which includes the following:
What is the ruling on trading in breast enhancement products? The artificial implants are inserted through an incision under the armpit or in the fold under the breast. The procedure is performed either for aesthetic enhancement of breasts, to augment breast size or for a necessary medical purpose i.e. breast reconstruction after mastectomy to treat breast cancer. Please note, approximately 70% of the procedures are performed for aesthetic purposes. Is selling and marketing these products lawful?
There are other injectable cosmetic products for adjusting the size of the lips, nose, cheeks, eyebrows and for removing facial wrinkles. They are also used for medical purposes in some cases of burn injuries and congenital defects. What is the ruling on trading in these products?


Trading in these products is permissible and takes the same ruling as other commodities that can be used for either lawful or prohibited purposes. Consequently, it is permissible to sell them as it is likewise permissible to make contractual agreements for these products. This is because they are not explicitly used for unlawful purposes, the contractual agreement is for a lawful product, the integrals and conditions of the contract are met, the seller does not use them for unlawful purposes and he is not certain they will be used for such purposes.
The principle is permissibility of things and certainty is not removed by mere doubt. This is the opinion of Hanafi scholars and the dominant opinion implemented for fatwa in the Shafi'i school. This is likewise the opinion we choose for fatwa.
Allah the Almighty knows best


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