I want to embrace Islam, can you pl...

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I want to embrace Islam, can you please tell me the process of conversion?



Assalamu alaikum. I hope this email finds you to be doing well. I would like to know what the process is to revert to Islam. What steps need to be taken? Will I need to take classes to teach me the prayers and how to read in Arabic? Is the knowledge of how to read Arabic necessary or vital to the reversion? What is necessary to allow me to declare myself, and be recognized as, a Muslim woman? How long is the process?

I hope to hear from you soon.
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Thank you so much for contacting us and for entrusting us with your question.

Sister you are already a Muslim at heart as entering Islam only requires to believe that there is no God but Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is his messenger. Once you hold this belief at heart, you become automatically a Muslim.

The following process of reversion is simply to match up what you hold tight in your heart to outer ritual practice so you can apply what you believe in. First thing you need to do is to go to the nearest local mosque in your area and relate to the Imam of the mosque your desire for embracing Islam and he will ask you to repeat after him the testimony of faith which reads “There is no god but Allah and that Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God”. Second thing would be to teach you how to pray as praying is the most integral part of Islam because it is a divine connection between God and man. We pray five times a day: dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, and night prayers.

Some scholars like Imam Abu Hanifa have agreed on the permissibility of saying the prayers in English till you learn how to master it in Arabic. Go easy on yourself, you will manage to get a good grip of it by practice inshAllah. Taking Arabic courses would help you immensely of course and the gradual learning of Arabic will bear its fruits in mastering reading the Quran inshAllah.

I just would like to welcome you to Islam and send you our warmest congratulations for having now more than 1.5 billion brothers and sisters all over the world. A final advise for you sister is that Islam is all about manners and ethics. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said “The nearest to me among you are those who have the highest manners”

May Allah guide your way to what earns you His pleasure inshAllah.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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