Giving back rights

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Giving back rights


My mother, may Allah have mercy upon her, used to receive a fixed pension after her retirement which she collected via ATM. When she passed away, I notified the National Authority for Insurance and Pensions by mailing them a photocopy of her death certificate. After some time, I found out that her pension was still being deposited into her bank account, so I withdrew the money. My questions are:

1. Am I entitled to take the money? Please note that I am facing a financial problem and in dire need of the money?
2. What is the ruling for the money I have already taken and which I spent?


You are not entitled to receive your mother's pension; it is impermissible to take it, even if you are encountering a financial problem.

You must calculate how much you took and, if possible repay the money to the National Authority for Insurance and Pensions. Otherwise, you spend it on the poor and needy.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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