Divorcing in anger

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Divorcing in anger


I have divorced my wife three times over the course of 36 years. On these three occasions, my wife made me lose my temper and fight with her and tell her: "You are divorced." Please note that I suffer from diabetes which causes me to lose my temper whenever I get angry. [Therefore], can I take her back?


If the case is as mentioned in the question—that the petitioner told his wife on these three occasions: "You are divorced" when he was in a state of illness which prevented him from exercising self control when he lost his temper and made him pronounce the divorce statement, then none of these divorce statements has effected divorce on any of these occasions.

Based on the above, the marital relationship between the petitioner and his wife is still effective and standing.

Allah the Majestic knows best.

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