I am divorced with no enough means ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I am divorced with no enough means yet my mum wants me to spend my money on her.



I live in Canada with my 2 kids and my mom , I am divorced and my mom wants me to pay everything for her ?!I have 3 brothers and when any of them send money for her she saves this money as she wants to buy a new apartment in Egypt as the one she has not so good ?! My mom thinks I am the richest one in the family!
I have no work here I just pay from my saving money and the source of my saving money is my previous work in Egypt plus my ex husband send money for the kids every month.
So may be one day I will never find more money as here too difficult to find a job? So what can I do? In Islam I must pay for everything for her or what can I say to her? plz ?

I started to hate her staying with me. I want to feel free


Treat your mother kindly and be patient toward her. God Almighty says, "Treat the parents kindly" [Al-Isra', 23].
It is not obligatory on you to provide for her so long as she is well off and possesses enough provision.

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