Getting married in a church

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Getting married in a church


I am a Muslim man and I want to marry a catholic woman. I was wondering if it is permissible for us to hold our wedding ceremony in the church before heading to the mosque.


Islam is a religion of tolerance and wants from its adherents to set a good example of coexistence and harmony in dealing with the communities in which they live. It is not prohibited for a Muslim to enter a church unless something disliked is being committed. Sheikh Shehab al-Din al Ramli in his commentary on the book Asna Al-Matalib said: “It is impermissible for a Muslim to enter a church without taking a verbal or customary permission from the church they want to enter because people in the church may feel that Muslims are unwanted or unwelcome.”
It is permissible to conduct a marriage contract in a church provided the contract fulfills all the necessary conditions; otherwise, the contract would be rendered invalid. It is important to note that it is impermissible to get married in a church if the ceremony involves any ritual that goes against the teachings of Islam in which case the contract would be rendered invalid.

Therefore, there is no legal impediment to having your marriage in a church to please your wife and her family and to show your care and compassion for her.
And God Almighty knows best.

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