I have an unplanned pregnancy, can ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I have an unplanned pregnancy, can I abort the fetus?


Salam alaikum,
I am married and have one daughter who is 15 months. I discovered an unplanned pregnancy, i am in (20 days counting from today 18/3/2013).I am studying for master, working at the same time , I've just finished curing anemia (I am 50 KG). Since the coming of my first baby I have neglected myself, my husband and my daughter is taken care by another woman because of my work.

Can I take pills to get this pregnancy away.
Thanks for your consideration.


In this case, it is prohibited (haram) to conduct an abortion even if the fetus has not reached 120 days. However, it is permissible if the physician decided that your health, as you have mentioned, does not allow the continuation of pregnancy.

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