My Engagement is broken off due to ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My Engagement is broken off due to a joke status on Facebook, what can I do?



Respectable sheikh I need your permission to recite last two verses of surat tauba, in order to get married to my fiancé who broke engagement with me due to misunderstanding created by his family member due to a Facebook status.

I was engaged with him from four years, now we were ready to get married and suddenly he changed and refused to marry me and told me he hates me from last few months because of my Facebook status.

My status was only a joke and I also apologized to him and his family...but they behaved very cold.
I am very upset, I always read salat and make dua...what shall I do. I cannot even express my grief to anyone... I am dying inside but I have a belief in God and quranic verses.

Can you please guide me.


Your question has more than one matter to be discussed. As for your first issue of reading the last two verses of the chapter of Tawbah with the intention of mending the broken relationship with your fiancé, there is not juristic opinion which supports this claim and there is no prophetic hadith which specified reciting these specific verses for solving relationship problems. Perhaps you picked the last two verses of the chapter of Tawbah because it includes the mention of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it is a well established rule that whenever the name of Prophet Muhammad is mentioned mercy and ease follow suit. For this reason, when we encounter ordeals or face maladies or even having feelings of unease due to some difficulty presented before us, scholars usually recommend to invoke abundant peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad for mercy to descend upon the invoker.

As for the scenario which you mentioned regarding your Facebook status which led to an outburst of your fiancé and his family and in turn expressed his wish to break off the engagement though you apologized for the status and explained your self to him, I believe that if he does not find in his heart the ability to get over the situation and forgive you then this is a clear sign of how he will handle issues in the future. The relationship between husbands and wives are not only determined by the amount of love that they hold for each other but with the amount of understanding that they have for each other and the ability of each party to solve issues and handle problems instead of taking the easy way out and call the whole marriage or engagement off.

I advise you to keep praying and ask for guidance from God to show you the best route to take and if your fiancé is the right husband for you, he will get back to you and if not then you are better off without him. You have to place your trust in God as He is the best planner and will sure guide you to what suits you best.

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