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Does an enema invalidate the fast of those who have a reason to use them


I would like to know whether or not an enema breaks the fast since I have read that it does. I'm 83 and fast a lot. I had a partial prostatectomy and hernia repair surgery and cannot bear down during a bowel movement. I fast to get closer to Allah.


According to the majority of scholars, an enema invalidates the fast if used deliberately.

This is because the injected liquid reaches an internal body cavity through an open orifice. The Maliki scholar, Al-Lakhmiy, maintained that an enema is permissible and does not break the fast. This is one opinion of the Shafi'i school as expressed by the judge Hussien.

In one of their opinions, Maliki scholars maintained that an enema as disliked. Ibn Habib said, "The salaf [predecessors] and people of knowledge disliked the use of enemas for treatment except for an indispensable necessity and if there is no other alternative. For this reason, it is recommended to make up the fast when using it."

Ibn Abd al-Bar, the Maliki hadith scholar, said in Al-Kafi fi Fiqh Ahl Al-Madina, "It was reported that it is [merely] recommended and not obligatory to make up the fast due to an enema administration. This is the opinion we chose in our school since the fast is broken by anything that enters the throat and a body cavity through the mouth."
Ibn Juziy said in Al-Qawanin Al-Fiqhiya that there are three opinions concerning enemas:

1. It breaks the fast according to Abu Hanifa and Ibn Hanbal.
2. It does not invalidate the fast
3. Only enemas which inject liquids invalidate the fast.

The ruling

Based on this, it is permissible to follow the opinion of the Malikis for whoever finds it necessary to use an enema while fasting and cannot delay its administration till after breaking his fast. The fast in this case is valid and it is not obligatory to make it up.
However, it is recommended for such a person to make up his fast to remove himself from scholarly differences.
Allah the Almighty knows best

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