Two persons sharing in sacrificing ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Two persons sharing in sacrificing a buffalo calf


What is the legal ruling for two persons sharing in a buffalo calf for sacrifice on 'Eid al-Adha, each on behalf of his household?


According to the opinion of the majority of scholars, it is permissible for up to seven people to share in either a camel or a cow. Jabir ibn 'Abd Allah, may Allah be pleased with them both, narrated: "In the year of Hudaybiyyah, we offered a sacrifice with the Prophet [PBUH]; a camel on behalf of seven and a cow on behalf of seven" [Related by imam Malik in al-Muwatta`, Ahmed, Muslim, abu Dawud, al-Tirmidhi and ibn Majah].
Imam al-Tirmidhi said: "Scholars from among the Companions of the Prophet [PBUH] and others likewise maintained this permissibility."

This is in answer to the above question and Allah the Almighty knows best.

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