Forgetting to shave or shorten the ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Forgetting to shave or shorten the hair after performing Tawaf al-Ifada and Sa'y


I performed Hajj tamattu' ['Umra followed by Hajj], Tawaf al-Ifada [going-forth circumambulation] and Sa'y [going between Safa and Marwa] but forgot to shorten my hair. Is it obligatory to slaughter an animal in expiation [fidyah]?



The opinion of the majority of scholars

The majority of scholars maintain that shortening the hair is an obligatory rite [in Hajj and 'Umra] that necessitates slaughtering an animal in expiation if neglected.


The petitioner must slaughter a sheep in expiation.

The above answers the question and Allah Almighty knows best.
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