Does tawaf alifada suffice for tawa...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Does tawaf alifada suffice for tawaf al-wada'?


Is it permissible to combine the intention for performing tawaf al-ifada and tawaf al-wada'?


The majority of scholars have maintained that tawaf al-wada' is obligatory. Maliki scholars, Dawud, Ibn al-Mundhir, al-Shafi'i in one of his opinions, and Imam Ahmed (may God have mercy on them all) in one of his opinions, have all stated that tawaf al-wada' is a sunnah since it has been waived for a woman in menstruation.

Maliki and Hanbali scholars have permitted combining tawaf al-ifada and tawaf al-wada' based on the fact that the last act a person does in connection to his pilgrimage is to circumambulate the Ka'bah and this is accomplished by performing tawaf al-ifada.

The ruling

It is legally permissible to delay tawaf al-ifada till just before departing from Mecca. It suffices for tawaf al-wada' and there is no harm in performing sa'y after it.

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