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What is the ruling of reading from the mushaf during prayer?


What is the ruling of reading from the mushaf during prayer?


Aisha used to have a male client named Dhakwan who would lead her in prayer by reciting from the mushaf.

Based on this the jurists of both the Shafi’i and Hanbali Schools accept the Imam of a prayer session reciting from the musahf. The Shafi’i jurists went as far to say that prayer is not invalidated even if one reads other than the Quran. This issue has been argued and transmitted by Imam al-Nawawi when he said:
If one reads the Quran from the musahf then the prayer is not invalidated, whether one has the Quran memorized or not; rather this is incumbent on the one who does not have the fatiha memorized. If one flips the pages during prayer this also does not invalidate the prayer. If one gazes at something written other than the Quran and recites it to themselves, then their prayer is not invalidated even if this is done for an extended period of time, however this act is reprehensible. This position has been mentioned by Imam al-Shafi in his book al-Imla’, and the companions of the school have followed it.

From the Hanbali jurists al-Rahyabani has said:

The one in prayer has the right to read from the mushaf and to gaze in it…

Ahmad has said that there is nothing wrong with one leading people in prayer by reading from the mushaf. He was asked if this includes the canonical prayer and he responded that he had not heard anything to prevent this. Al-Zuhri was asked about a man who lead people in the night prayer during Ramadan by reading from the mushaf and he said that the best amongst them used to read from the mushaf.

As for the Malikis, they saw that this was reprehensible in both canonical and supererogatory prayers. The Hanafi jurists disputed this issue, and Imam Abu Hanifa saw that this makes the prayer invalid and the two companions saw that this was reprehensible as the Maliki jurists saw it.

Based on this we rule in accordance with the majority of the scholars that reading from the mushaf in prayer is permissible and there is no sin incurred. God is most high and all knowledgeable.

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