My wife had her regular period and ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My wife had her regular period and then stopped for 3 days and resumed for 5 days. Is this period or not?


Dear there thanks in advance for your help
my wife had her first period -after she gave birth- ended after two days of the starting of Ramadan as it used to be 6 days before birth, but after it completed 6 days stopped for 3 days then it happened again for 5 days , the question is it period or not? and what about fasting and praying during that time?
Thanks again jazakom Allah khayran


Yes, this blood is considered from her menses provided it came out within 15 days from the beginning of her period. This is because the maximum period for menses is 15 days. Therefore, your wife must refrain from fasting and prayers until she is completely purified from blood and subsequent dark discharge or after 15 days from the beginning of menses, whichever comes first.

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