My daughter is lesbian. Will God fo...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My daughter is lesbian. Will God forgive her?


I have questions about my daughter, age 26, lives in the USA & claims to be lesbian since 7 yrs ago. We're Egyptian practicing Muslims & live in the USA. She prays, fasts, pays zakat, and possesses very good moral conduct EXCEPT this lifestyle. She's convinced that Allah SWT created her this way because she was NEVER attracted to men nor she will ever be. She is attracted to girls/women only not necessarily for sex but it's the emotional attraction. She thinks that Allah will forgive her because those feelings are not within her control. For years she tried to get help via psychotherapy but it has not worked. When she told me about this several years ago, I prayed for Allah to help her. I performed Hajj last year & sincerely & wholeheartedly prayed that Allah help her & cure this disease & guide her in the right path.
Is it possible for Allah to have mercy & forgive her if she continues this lifestyle? In the Quran, Allah mentions Lut but spoke of men not women.


Such kind of issues necessitates distinguishing whether one's tendency towards the same sex is physical or psychological. In case of physical tendency, it is a must to consult sexual and reproductive diseases specialists. This is carried out by a specialized committee to decide the basic gender of the patient. Concerning the psychological aspect, the patient undergoes a psychotherapy program which will require a strong will. The western methods of therapy may be not appropriate, because they begin with a primary agreement to the sex reassignment surgery in case therapy is not fruitful. This case is known in Islamic Jurisprudence as "al-Tinjeer" [En. an effeminate man] and results from an unbalanced upbringing.

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