Can I fall in love?

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Can I fall in love?


Assalmu Alykum
I have a question. Is it allowed to fall in love with a person you like? I know that you must love Allah and his messenger more than yourself, but if you fall in love with somebody, does it have boundaries? Are there any limits?


A Muslim is not blameworthy for the chaste involuntarily love and the mere good feelings he has towards another person of the opposite sex. However, it is forbidden for a Muslim in this case to indulge in it or follow it up with prohibited actions either by words or deeds. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him and his family) said, "Whoever falls in love, preserves his chastity, suppresses his feelings, and dies, is a martyr."
The unlawful relationship that one inflames through immoral words or actions is deemed unlawful [haram] in Islamic law, and it is impermissible for a man and a woman to have a relationship outside marriage.
The love of Allah the Almighty and His Messenger is incomparable to any other love because they occupy different statuses.

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