Is it permissible to watch TV?

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Is it permissible to watch TV?


Is it permissible for me to watch TV? I don’t watch sexual stuff, I watch it for fun and I change the channel if I saw something is about to happen. Also I want to ask if it is OK for my cousin to touch me? and can a veiled woman wear wide trousers? Thank you.


- It is permissible in the shari'ah (Islamic law) to watch TV and anything else that can be used for either lawful and unlawful purposes; the sin befalls the person who uses it unlawfully.
- It is impermissible for your cousin to touch you. According to the opinion of some scholars, it is only permissible to shake hands with the opposite sex if there is no fear of temptation (fitna) or if it is part of your customs.
- It is permissible for a woman to wear the garments she wishes so long as she abides by the requirements of lawful hijab. This means that her clothes must cover her entire body save the face and hands (Hanafi scholars permit Muslim women to uncover their feet). It is also a condition that a woman’s attire does not arouse temptation (fitna) or prohibited sexual desires.

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